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London Underground

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hannah40 | 21:53 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Travel
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Hi any london people know what underground train to get from Victoria to London Bridge? I understand I need to change somewhere so from where I get off where do I go for the next train?

im asking as I will have 14 adults with Down syndrome with me so really want to know what I'm doing on the day. We are going for tea at the Shard and I've been told ondonnbridge is closest.



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Victoria to Green Park on the Victoria Line, then Green Park to London Bridge in the Jubilee Line, then a short walk to the Shard. If that sounds OK, I can give more details.

Correct me if I am wrong but Victoria one stop District and Circle line to Westminster,then Jubilee Line straight through to London Bridge.

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So when I'm at green park and look for jubilee line where will the final stop be so I don't get on train going opposite direction. I'm not from London so no clue.

also is the jubilee line quite near where we get off at Victoria?or do I walk them along lots of passages and up and down lots of escalators? 

You're both right (except it's 2 stops from Victoria to Westminster!).

I'd be inclined to take the District & Circle line via Westminster. It's very easy to access the D & C platforms from entry to the station, whereas one has to walk a very long distance to reach the Victoria line platform once one has gone down the escalator.

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So I go to Victoria underground from Victoria coach station use our group card to get through barriers then head for westminister district and circle line at west minister get them off which is two stops and change to what line and what direction please? 

"So when I'm at green park and look for jubilee line where will the final stop be so I don't get on train going opposite direction."


Victoria coach station? If you're happy to go on the coach, there's a direct one from Victoria Coach Station to near the Shard. It's the C10 to Tennis Street (Stop K).

I hope that you're aware that Victoria Coach Station isn't particularly close to Victoria Rail/Underground Station!  (It's about a 10 minute walk away).

Video here:

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Oh dear I'm getting very muddled. So I can get them on a coach from the coach station to The shard?

do the coaches run frequently ? 

This map shows the two different ways of connecting into the (grey) Jubilee Line:

The 'official' route for regular travellers (i.e. the one provided by the Transport for London website) is to change at Westminster.  The official 'step-free' route though is to use Green Park.

If you choose Westminster, follow the Underground signs at Victoria Station for Circle & District Line Eastbound trains. 

If you choose Green Park, follow the signs for Victoria Line Northbound services.

Then, when you change (at either point), look for signs to Jubilee Line Southbound trains.

>>> So I can get them on a coach from the coach station to The shard? do the coaches run frequently ?"

I think that 'bus' would be a better word than coach for the C10 service:

You'd need to find your way out to Stop 'V', alongside the coach station, on Buckingham Palace Road.  The C10 service is frequent, running roughly every 7 minutes.  The journey to Tennis Street takes 27 minutes.  The TfL Journey Planner estimates that it's a 9-minute walk from Tennis Street to The Shard.

Question Author

Thank you if I were to catch the c10 bus what  destination will it have written on the bus ?

^^^ 'Canada Water', as per my photo above.

I agree that taking the C10 bus is likely to be the most trouble free way of getting 15 people from Victoria Coach Station to the Shard.

To get to bus-stop V you will need to cross to the other side of the Buckingham Palace Road. There is a pedestrian crossing with lights outside the Coach station on B P Rd. Cross there, & Bus-stop V is almost opposite - possibly a little bit further away from Elizabeth Bridge / Elizabeth Street.

Good luck!



Kettledrum was posting as I was finding a map to show you how to find Stop V

Hi Buenchico! I'm so glad you've posted a map for Hannah. I see Stop V is rather further away from Elizabeth Bridge than I thought it was.

Now for your next trick ... 

How do you get from Tennis Street to The Shard?

^^^ Walk in the direction that the bus was going.  Take the first turning on your left, into Crosby Row.  Then just keep walking straight ahead:

you could always take an Uber boat from Westminster to London Bridge, but it probably costs extra.

^^^ Yes, it costs quite a lot extra!  (£9.00 single fare online or £11.40 at the pier). 

Further, you'd need to get to Westminster Pier (or Millbank Pier, which is marginally closer to Victoria Coach Station) first anyway.

yes, I was thinking if they were taking the tube option. There's an exit from Westminster station that takes you straight under the Embankment to the pier, as I recall.

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