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She-Raaaa | 13:00 Thu 19th Sep 2019 | Travel
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Hi there, I have just got a first passport for my daughter for our upcoming holiday. I applied online for it. When trying to upload the digital code from the photo shop it wouldn’t work so I took a picture of the photo with my iPhone and uploaded that. It said it could not see the outline of her head but gave the chance to proceed and say why which I did. I also sent one of the original pics in with our birth certificates. The passport has come fairly quickly and I do not think the photo looks very clear at all. My question if anyone could answer is if the photo was not clear enough would they have issued the passport or contacted me for another? I am really rather worried about this and wish I had just went back to the photo shop and queried why the code didn’t work now, in hindsight this would’ve been the better thing to do.


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They wouldn't have issued the passport.
Firstly, I'm no expert but I know the passport authorities are very picky about photos.

If they have issued the passport, they must have thought the photo was clear enough to identify the wee one so I'd not worry about it.
Apologies if your daughter is in her teens, for some reason I thought she was a wee one..
Too much sun...
I think you will be ok.I paid the Post Office the fee to check my application knowing that if I got anything wrong then I wouldn't get a refund.Just as well,as there were two errors!
if they issued the PP it's fine, I'd be surprised if the picture is ever looked at anyway these days. Mostly it's auto PP readers at ports anyway. A human will only get involved if there is a reason to. Fear not! No one has ever even looked at my latest PP I could have a picture of Ronald McDonald!
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Lol yes she is a teen. I know none of the photos look as clear now with the hologram bits but I just think hers is particularly unclear. Thank you all for your answers, this has put my mind at rest, it has just been a niggling worry since it came
The late great Ronnie Corbett used to boast that he could get his full body on a passport pic! :-)
I think the number for the photo has a limited time for you to download it.
I renewed mine very recently with no trouble.
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I think you are right Sharon as it was weeks before that I got it taken. I really shouldn’t have waited and caused myself this worry. My gut feeling was that in this day and age they wouldn’t have sent out a passport that wasn’t ok but the worrier in me took over and it has been playing on my mind. Appreciate all the responses
My daughter who has just had twins 16 weeks ago, had to submit three sets of photos before they were accepted.

They complained about a hint of a smile and shadows under their eyes.

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Goodness me Chrissa what a mucking about for her eh! Like it is so easy to get children to pose perfectly. I think the part which worried me is that when they said you can proceed with it and give reason why but it may cause travel problems made me think it will be issued regardless of suitability. I know if I posted a physical pic and it wasn’t ok they would have sent it back but was unsure digitally after it said that.
Chrissa, how daft, when babies change so quickly, anyway.
When I last renewed my passport I used a mobile taken photo. It was "perfectly" clear bit their software referred to this outline nonsense too. I just proceeded since it obviously wasn't the case. Been a while since I last went to furriner land, but never had an issue with it.
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Yes, before posting here I tried googling the definite answer and it seems a common problem that they say they can’t see the outline of your face. I wonder if they actually used the digital one or the physical photo I sent in with the birth certificates, I thought it worth putting in as had spares anyway

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