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Brum Lady | 13:16 Tue 23rd Oct 2007 | Travel
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We have a holiday booked in Spain from 27 Dec to 10 Jan, and have since booked our wedding on 9 February and are trying to book a honeymoon. My problem is not just whether to try and change my passport to my married name before Feb (with only 4 weeks gap), but also that my existing passport expires 14 August 2008, which leaves just under 6 months validity. We are planning on visiting the Canaries, am I likely to have a problem with the passport expiry date or do you think they will be OK with it?
I daren't risk sending the passport off in Jan because they can't guarantee getting it back to you in 2/3 weeks, even if you pay the extra!


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Although the Canary Islands are not in the EU, they follow the same immigration rules as Spain. (i.e. as with all EU countries, your passport is valid for entry right up until midnight on the last day of its validity). There are only a few countries which require 6 months validity on a passport. EU law prevents any member state from imposing such a condition on any citizen of any EU country.

However, as your passport will expire next year anyway, you might as well renew it (with your new name on it) as soon as you return in January. If you're prepared to attend a Passport Office, you can obtain a guaranteed one week service for �97.

Alternatively, you could simply continue to use your maiden name until after the honeymoon. (There's no legal obligation upon you to change your name upon marriage). As long as your honeymoon tickets show your maiden name, it won't matter that your passport is still in your 'old' name.

Relevant links: arried.asp -two-weeks.asp

You can used to be able to get your passport cahnged to your married name up to 3 months before you wed, is that not possible now?

I know for the op that probably wouldn't be an option with the dates of holiday etc
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Thanks Buenchico, I phoned a local travel agent and they didn't seem to know about the six months validity requirement for Spain! I think I'll just stick with the old passport and hang on to the money for a bit longer.

Thanks to OJ as well for reply.
you should be able to get your vicar to complete a form to send with your passport application.
you can then get a post-dated passport in your married name, which will start on your big day, but be with you beforehand.
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Thanks Munchie, I know about doing that, it was just that we would only have 4 weeks after we get back from Spain, and I was concerned there would not be sufficient time to get the application in and the passport back - they do stress not to book travel if you haven't actually got your passport!

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