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unruliejulie | 17:24 Tue 30th May 2006 | Travel
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I have a five year old passport that i have to get ammended due to getting married and changing my name. Its gonna cost me �51.00 for this pleasure. I can't believe the price! However, what i want to know is, would i be allowed to just get a new passport thats gonna last me for the next 10 years as opposed to paying out 50 odd quid for just the next 5 years.In another 5 years i'm gonna be paying out again. Would it be best to just say i lost it or is it OK to get a new one? Does anyone know how much a full passport is? Many thanks in advance.


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New passports cost � could just say you've lost yours....make a note of the passport number and insert this in section2 or 3 i think (itll tell you in the leaflet that comes with the form). Having the number of this passport usually speeds up the process. Then you'll have a brand spanking new 10 year passport.

Im sure though that you'd be able to have a new 10 year passport when you simply amend your name.

Do you urgently need to get it changed though? One of my friends had about 18 months left on her passport and didnt want to amend the name for cost reasons (like yourself) so basically whenever she booked a hoilday she always booked under her maiden name. Obviously it cant be used for other ID purposes then but to travel on she had no probs as basically the airlines just check that the ticket name matches the passport name

You do not have to get your passport changed when you get married and take your husband's name and can leave your passport in your old name until such time as it need renewing. It would make things more difficult to use your passport as ID when proving who you are but only you can decide which is the most hassle.
Your amended passport will be valid for 10 years anyway. (Actually, it'll be valid for 10 years and 9 months because you're allowed a maximum of 9 months credit to be carried forward from your current validity).
See here: aNo=321_1&intelement=904

Effectively, you're being issued with a new passport which is why the charge of �51 is the same as that charged for new applicants.
See here: rt.asp

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many thanks for your answers. Buenchico, thats vey helpful thankyou. i am going on holiday in September so i do need to get it done.

as i said previously you really need to get it done? Its not a problem travelling with your maiden name......if you are hoping for extra benefits or upgrades (if its a honeymoon/anniversary etc) you can still travel as your maiden name but take your wedding certificate with you as this is acceptable. Just be sure your ticket matches your passport.


And �51 for ten years - that's less than 10p per week. Quite good value I would say.
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mkt, the holiday was booked back in march in my married name so its too late now. I got married back in 2004, just not been abroad since then. Thanks again for you help and i certainly WILL enjoy!

It would be 51 quid however you were to do it.

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