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Bob906 | 17:33 Wed 20th Feb 2019 | Travel
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I have a passport which expired 6 years ago and i want to travel, can I renew it or do I have to start all over again and get a new one.

Thank you


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I would say renew it as it has not been lost, stolen or damaged (unless it has)

it states "You can renew your passport at any time." i assume that even means after it has expired as well as before.
Yes renew it. We did ours this month and they turn them around in less than 7days at the moment.
Have you still got your old passport?

From the OP

// I have a passport which expired 6 years ago //
It doesn't mean they've kept it!!

Stop being the AB police.

// I have a passport //

Seems fairly definitive to me ;o)
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Yes I still have my old passport, thank you for all your answers
Question Author
Thank you for all your answers, I successfully applied to renew my passport today very straight forward, I thought that after 6 years I would have to get a new one but no a renewal is all I needed

Thank you very much all of you
You did get a new one :-)
I think the only issue is whether you need a new photo in which case there’s more involved.

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