Where Can I Find A Nice Cabin/lodge?

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Rubyrose | 17:49 Mon 21st Dec 2015 | Travel
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My partner and I have the 6th-11th Jan booked off work and we want to go away somewhere and stay in a cabin or lodge. We live in Surrey so ideally we want somewhere that is no more than a 3-4hr drive away. Does anyone know of anywhere that has cabins or lodges? or cottages? I've been trawling the internet but my eyes are starting to sting because of the endless results in the search engine.



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Scotland too far? Pity.
Owners Direct.
Would Sandy Balls suit?

Many cabins/lodges are on holiday parks that don't permit all year occupancy, so they're not allowed to rent out the properties for a couple of months of the year. That nearly always means that they're not available in January.

However, to the best of my knowledge, the excellent (multi-award winning) Cliff House Holiday Park at Dunwich, here in Suffolk, has properties available all year round. It's a small, very upmarket site, right on the clifftop, with a number of cottages and lodges (furnished to an incredibly high standard) available for rent. The bar and restaurant are also very 'classy', often being used to host smart wedding receptions.

My friend has stayed there lots of times, with me providing her with transport to and from the site. (That's how I've got to see the insides of the properties and to enjoy the food and drink in the bar/restaurant).

The AA Routefinder calculates the distance from Guildford as about 150 miles, with an estimated driving time of around two-and-three-quarter hours, so it's well within your reach.

Link here:
(That's the first of two pages).

The Suffolk coast is beautiful at any time of the year, with the attractive little village of Dunwich being just down the coast from Southwold, which many people regard as as one of Britain's most delightful coastal resorts. Worth a look, perhaps?
Center Parcs have cabins and even tree houses, they are open all year
There is one near you.
Isn't Centre Parcs like Butlins for the middle classes -my idea of Hell....
You can book activities , you can just stay in your cabin or visit the bars, restaurants and pools.
Consider Dorset? Warmwell has log cabins all year round but for a more 'elegant' time look at cottage rentals round Dorchester.
I suppose it depends what you want to do when away?
Have to agree Centre Parc is also my idea of hell.
Rubyrose - I was very much like you a few years ago. You daren't type in "Log cabins" or "log cabin break" in to the search engine for fear of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Ones with hot tubs, some with views, some on sites, some very private, some located near places of interest, some miles away from anything..........

If the Lake District is within distance for you this place is pretty good. Its a site, so expect to see other people. However you will still get a degree of privacy and relaxation plus you are in the heart of the national park.
The Forestry Commission have log cabins at various places around UK

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Where Can I Find A Nice Cabin/lodge?

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