Pre Pay Credit Cards For Holidays...

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knowabit | 15:35 Tue 22nd Dec 2015 | Travel
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anyone ever used one? Do you load the money on and spend away... do you get the cash back if you do not spend it all? We are going to NZ and have a couple of thousand pounds to take and don't want to take all cash. The bank charges if you use debit cards...


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Those prepaid cards can work out expensive, too, so be careful which one you choose.

These cards are suitable for use in NZ. Your debit card may well work out cheaper

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I did look on Money Supermarket but was still confused! Think I'll just leave in the bank and use the debit card. Works out around £56 in charges if I spend £3000. Thanks for replying.
Some banks (Halifax, Nationwide and Metro that I know of) give free foreign usage on their debit and credit cards. Worth thinking about either changing banks or geting a second account with one of them.
We use a post office card which is free, we used that when we were in Cyprus for a month, we had a bit left when we came back and are going to use that when we go to York after Xmas, it does save a bit of money at the cash machines.
Nationwide and Metro bank now confine their generosity to Europe so it won't help you in NZ.
Hi Knowabit
Used one of these from Thomas Cook a couple of years ago in Canada and it was great. No messing around with all the cash you're afraid of losing !! Use d it to pay for goods (restaurants, shops etc) and also , if needed< to withdraw cash as you would at home. Highly recommended.
Happy Christmas btw. !!
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Thanks all.
I have used the Thomas Cook one as well. With this one you can get 2 cards for the same account so if 1 gets lost you can phone them to let them know so that they cancel it and you still have the other to use. You can also see any charges that they make on the website so no nasty shocks. One thing I would say though is if you are getting a prepaid card and are not going to somewhere that uses the same currency in the near future then just before you leave say New Zealand cash the remaining money at an ATM that way you won't get a cash out fee on your return. Then you can change it back to UK money wherever you get the best rate.
my Saga Visa card can be used in any country without extra charge. It's a credit card, though - is there any reason you don't want to use credit cards? Cards are sometimes called Eftpos in NZ (electronic funds transfer at point of sale).
The main problem with using a credit card is that if you take out cash from an ATM you get charged interest on it from day one.
i`ve tried them but dont rely on them as some places dont accept them - road toll machines dont like them - make sure you know your pin as you may have to draw cash off it instead
The best idea is to carry your credit card rather than having the currency with you. I always use my credit card it is cheaper than the currency we do exchange. So I would suggest you to go with the CC only.

* Do carry some cash as well coz new place finding the ATM n all might be little tough for you.

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Pre Pay Credit Cards For Holidays...

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