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Meg888 | 12:48 Mon 01st Sep 2014 | Travel
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Hi. I was thinking of going here next year with my daughter who will be turning 18. I don't want to drive, so I want to be accommodated as close to the theme parks as possible. I've looked on the internet and I just get bamboozled / lots come with car hire etc. (I'm not well travelled, never been further than Spain!) I was just wondering how Florida compared with Paris - for those of you who have been, and would I be best booking with an agent or try doing it on line for a reasonable deal? I'm not flush, so it will be on a budget, but I am prepared to pay for decent accommodation and being close to the parks. I can't tell if the package holidays are all inclusive/include tickets to the parks?


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Been 3 times to FLorida and we loved it... Went to Paris when it first opened, not a patch on the Florida one... International drive may be better if you're not driving. Most of the hotels have buses to the theme parks Meg
everything is MILES away in florida (even the car parks :)). Stay on international drive if you are not driving
i'll third that .

international drive is close to the theme parks .
Disney / seaworld / universal studios / wet & wild , are all close by
"close" has a different meaning in the USA though
most of the hotels have shuttle buses to the parks (well they did when we were last there)
In your shoes I think I'd just look for a mid priced hotel in the Orlando area. You may even find someone has a notice on your works notice board offering a villa for rent. Then you can organise the flight separately. I don't think you'll have an issue with minibuses or similar going to Disney. When I went I was touring anyway so just booked with an agent in the States the rooms/flights I needed.
//"close" has a different meaning in the USA though //

Indeed bednobs - however the parks in my post are close , in British distances
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Thanks for the replies folks. Is it expensive to eat / drink out there, and would it be advisable to book through a travel agent, or try online? I feel a bit nervous going all that way on our own, my daughter has a few problems, so is very reliant on me - she's physically mobile, but she is very immature, so the onus is on me to get there without getting lost etc! Not sure if I should stick to the closer one :-)
I would stick to International Drive Meg... Lots to do and lots of places to eat... Food is really inexpensive, especially breakfasts... Fill up in the morning and all you need then is a cake or something light for lunch... And a nice meal out in the evening..

I've put a link below not for you to book anything but just to give you a feel for eating places etc......
Here's another link that should help you make some decisions on where to buy tickets etc.....
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Thanks Mazie, that's fab.
Take your time before booking it Meg and look at all the options... Good luck with it...You'll have a ball x
This sort of question is asked on AB every now and then. Please note that America isn't Majorca ! Its going to be difficult to get about if you don't drive.....not impossible by any means, just more difficult. Do you really want to stand around at bus stops ? If all you want is traipse around theme parks every day, than OK but wouldn't you like to see some of the country when you are there ?
if you are not confident enough to drive on the left then don't do it, a Disney hotel would be ideal as they have free rail links to the parks but they are pricey so pick a hotel on International Drive as advised by others a Best Western Hotel come recommended by me as they even have their own launderette which suits me. Once you go to Florida you will realise that Paris Disney is not nearly as good, food is cheaper in US plenty of places to eat International Drive restaurants & fast food. Take a trip to Busch Gardens the hotel will arrange for you its a lovely day out, but over one hour away.
Tickets to parks are not usually in package holidays included unless it actually states so and this takes quite a bit of your budget, go and you will definitely have a great holiday.
One thing to bear in mind is that you need to plan your days like a military operation because there is loads to do and before you know it the day will be finished .
The first time we went we thought we had been / seen all that there was to - it was only on our return and was looking through brochures that we realised that there was lots that we did not do/see .
Most people go for two weeks and even that is not long enough .

Go to the parks early and start at the back of the parks and make your way forward towards the front .

Dont forget the disney parades
Isn't the best way to stay at one of the hotels on the Disney complex (the Polynesian was very jolly) and take the monorail from the hotel to the theme parks? And, for food, go on the Disney "dining plan" and you get a discount on all your meals.
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Hi Meg, I have just booked a holiday at Disney, Florida for me and my son for next year. I'm the same as you, don't want to drive! At first I tried to research flights and hotels, theme park tickets on line. But eventually I went into my local travel agent who got me a great deal, transfers included at the Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando on International Drive which has an IRidetrolley stop right outside, lots of restaurants/shopping nearby etc. and shuttles to the parks. Perfect.

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