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How To Get To Portmeirion From Tenby South Wales.?

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cleoval | 21:37 Tue 12th Sep 2023 | Getting there
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Hi Does anybody know how to get to Portmeirion from Tenby Wales by train or bus please.? (Not Car). I have rang tenby tourist office many times from the number I googled on the internet but I keep getting cut off.! Thanks.


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Without a car, you're looking at a whole day's journey by train. Three changes to Minfford, then a considerable walk.
It's over 3 hours by car, 7 hours by bus or train. I would forget it for a day out.
As others have said, it's simply too far to contemplate unless you've got a compelling reason to get there (such as visiting a dying relative, for example)

The distance from Tenby to Portmeirion is roughly the same as that from Sheffield to the northern edge of London but the roads are much slower and there's no direct train service.

You can buy a rail ticket from Tenby to Minffordd, which is just a mile from Portmeirion, but the actual route involves two bus journeys, with each of those lasting around 2¼ hours, plus two train journeys and totalling around 7½ hours in all.

And the Barmouth rail (and foot) bridge is closed until the end of the year for refurbishment, so that section is by shuttle bus.

Fifty years ago, before Beeching, there was a line from Carmarthen to Aberystwyth.
PS: The reason that you can't contact Tenby Tourist Information Centre is almost certainly that it no longer exists. Due to council cutbacks, nearly all council-run tourist information centres in the UK have been closed down. There are just a tiny handful of volunteer-run ones in existence these days.

I've just used Google Street View to look along the road where the tourist information centre in Tenby used to stand. There was a sign pointing to the TIC in 2018 but it had been removed by the next time that Google's cameras went down that road in 2021.
Or you could have googled ‘is Tenby tourist info office closed’.
I hear things are so dire it's been renamed Sixby.
That whole area of Wales is one of the most inaccessible in the entire country, especially without a car.
when do you want to go ?
why not make a little holiday out of it ?
these are good value for money
quickest way from Tenby to Portmeirion is by bus, changing at Carmarthen and Aberystwyth. alight the bus (T2) from Aberystwyth at Penrhydeudraeth leaving you a short walk.
Travel by public transport and you'll arrive just before the village closes with no way of getting back the same day. Portmeirion does have a lovely hotel, though.

Two hotels, one in the village and the Castell.
If I was you, I wouldn't start from Tenby.

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How To Get To Portmeirion From Tenby South Wales.?

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