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Coldicote | 12:29 Sun 23rd Jan 2011 | Technology
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Some ABers already know that I am interested in Neighbourhood Watch. The site on line normally shows a horizontal navigation bar. I've recently bought an Advent laptop and find it does not display the navigation bar. I tried downloading Google Chrome on the laptop but it didn't make any difference. For some reason the laptop doesn't like the navigation bar. How can I get it to display? Any suggestions welcome:


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I would say that is a plugin which is installed from that website. You need to look there and see if you can re-install on current browser/system (providing it is compatible with your current browser)
Question Author
Thank you AlBags. I'll have go and see what happens.
From the site:


Browsers other than Internet Explorer may not operate some of the links.
Question Author
Thank you for the thought Squarebear, but I do have Internet Explorer.
Ah sorry, you said you were using Google Chrome.
I cant see anything complicated about that site, there doesn't seem to be any flash or java on it and unless I'm missing something it all works fine in firefox but doesn't work in IE8 for me.

that said it's appalling HTML code! who on earth is using office to write websites, that page is about 4 times bigger than it needs to be. it also gets 188 errors on the W3c website check

I think a rewrite of that site is in order using something that produces halfway decent HTML
Question Author
Thanks for that Chuck - most enlightening!
Question Author
Squarebear, sorry I didn't make it clear. IE is my normal browser on the desktop PC.. It was also on the laptop to start with and it was on the laptop that I downloaded Google Chrome to see if it made any differemce.
I rewrote this in 6kb a couple of years ago as a free favour but it appears never to have been implemented:

I got it down to about 8% of the rubbish that Office fills it with.
^ far neater and will work in all browsers.

Coldicote, if you open the site and then select the view menu and select source you'll be able to see the code behind the site, if you then do the same for the version Squarebear has kindly rewritten for you you'll be able to see just how much neater Squarebears version is.
Question Author
Thank you for your time and helpful comments. I would like to attempt making a website on a different topic. MS Publisher is obviously far from ideal, but starting from scratch what is the best program to use?
I use Notepad but some knowledge of HTML is required. You will learn nothing by trying to read your MS Publisher code as it is inflated with tons of rubbish.
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There used to be a web program called FrontPage that my friends have used and recommend. Is it still around and reasonably easy to use? Regret I have minimal knowledge of HTML and need a program to do the job for me.
You may be able to find it on the net. It will ceratinly write slightly cleaner code than MS Publisher. I found the best way to learn was to follow a few tutorials on the net.
Question Author
Thank you for your responses - you obviously have much better knowledge of these things than I have. I've looked at the source code but must admit I don't understand it. A local school taught MS Publisher at evening classes and I'll find it a bit of a struggle to start all over again with something different, but I'll have a go. 'Bye for now - I'll give it a rest.
If you need any help, let us know. Always happy to help. Maybe if you look at that code I wrote for you, it may help you learn?

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