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Best Value Media Packages (Phone, TV & Internet)

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Eve | 22:13 Sat 22nd Jan 2011 | Technology
2 Answers
I went for a review at the bank earlier as I am trying to economise big time and some of my charges for various services I have seem to have gone up without warning (unless I've missed it in a letter!).

I current have a BT phone line which seems to have jumped from about £11.50 to over £17, AOL internet which has gone from £14 something to just over £15 and Sky which has gone from £17 to over £20.

I don't have packages like Sky Sports or movies, mainly watch channels like Hallmark or Living for programmes like Greys Anatomy, CSI, House, Law & Order, The Mentalist etc... I don't use Sky Plus much but it is useful.

So I'm now paying around £52 for them all. I have had to wait until I was out of initial contract with them all and can now switch.

I am going to do some googling but wondered if anyone had any advice for the best value packages out there - or single better value deals.

I have an Orange mobile tarrif so could look at mobile via them.

Thank you :)


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I am in a similar bind. I think best to combine all with one provider Tv/Phone/Internet.
Just research carefully and use sites like this for reviews and advice. I find that 9/10 Sky users are totally satisfied and Virgin is meant to be ok too. AOL were not great for us to be honest, I am put off for life
The best, impartial advice all collected together is on Which? website. Google "Which?" then enter "media packages" into search-box. Includes the very important customer satisfaction results. (No good changing to a cheap -but useless - service!)

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Best Value Media Packages (Phone, TV & Internet)

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