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whiskeryron | 18:44 Wed 24th Apr 2013 | Technology
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Which Browser is considered by A/Bers to be the best ? I like very much the layout of Firefox with it's Navigation bar ie.
( File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help ) but I also feel that Google Chrome is very good but it lacks the above. Is it possible to have Chrome & add the Navigation bar from Firefox in some way ?



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I just cant get on with Chrome, its always crashing and I always end up with browser being hijacked, I dont get any of these problems with Firefox.
Give me Firefox any day.
I tried many browsers but always return to Firefox. I also like Opera.
I've tried most of them but keep returning to Firefox, although dare I say it IE10 isn't too bad.
I like Firefox but can't update it anymore so it's Chrome for me :)
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Thanks all I think I'll stick with Firefox.

Pale Moon is the best
Firefox is as bloated and unreliable as older versions of IE - and it breaks almost every month when the update comes out.
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I love Chrome.

The three horizontal bars stacked up on the extreme right side of the search bar is the new 'tools' menu. Click that for everything you've been missing, Ron.
If you click and hold the 'back' icon in the top left you will get the browser history.

I find Firefox very slow but still usable. Chrome is very fast but very nosy - even if you turn off share information with Google. A few months ago I found a browser based on Chrome but it doesn't share any information with Google ; Comodo Dragon also has the benefit of using Comodo's DNS server (if you want) for safer browsing.
Safari is OK for Apple computers but it has some almost invisible problems on Windows systems.
Other browsers I like are Opera and SeaMonkey (the full suite of programs) which is also made by Mozilla and can use many Firefox extensions.
If you're feeling adventurous try the English version of the Russian Yandex browser : it has built in turbo similar to Opera and built in protection from Kaspersky.
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Thanks teedee,Kevink,fender62,hc4361,ST24,albertjones1. Loads of interesting stuff there to study. What a wonderful place this A/B is guys.


Chrome is quite good although they still haven't been able to fix the problem with accessing BT Yahoo Mail from within it.
Best browser thing is depends on need of a user. Firefox may be good for one person but not for others. Find comparatively browser features:-
For anyone with a 64-bit machine, there are the Firefox variants Waterfox and Cyberfox (which use the FF profile and so will have all your settings, add-ons and bookmarks) and Pale Moon (which uses a separate profile but can readily be made to use the FF profile if required).

n.b. I reckon that Waterfox is the best of those but the person who is responsible for updating it has failed to do that for the last 2 main FF updates and so WF 18 is the latest that is available

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