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johntywino | 10:41 Tue 16th Feb 2010 | Technology
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Not sure if this is the site,but on TV it's all about the programmes...(A) Thanks, John....Does the Sky HD box totally replace the Sky digibox or are BOTH needed? Also if I purchased a Sky HD box from Amazon or somewhere, does the card at present in my digibox work in the Sky HD box,or does one have to contact Sky?


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You will have to contact Sky AND pay them an extra £10 for HD.

The Sky HD box replaces the old Sky box.

Unless you have a 1080 lines TV then it is probably not worth going to HD.
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I Thought that if you went to Sky plus for 12 months, then cancelled it the hd box was YOURS. I could buy one from say Amazon, fit my existing card in it and view the Sky HD programmes IN hd?(The telly is brand new,with hd now plus Freesat. I can get bbc in HD on freesat but not Sky programmes.)..John
But you have to subscribe to see HD programmes, it's not automatic
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I,m already subscribed to Sky, but not to Sky HD. Was just hoping could get Sky HD by buying a box and using my present card in it Won't this work? John
to watch HD via sky you have to pay them £10.00 per month (on top of your normal subscription)
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Thanks for the info.Il'l just watch what I can in HD on Freesat-I'm certainly not paying greedy Sky any MORE money per month! Thanks all, John

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