Poor Sky signal - anything I can do ?

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vehelpfulguy | 13:13 Sat 29th Dec 2007 | Technology
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I have Sky multiroom, with Sky+ in one room and an ordinairy Sky box in another other room.

I was happy with the Sky picture up till now, but I have just got a new 32" HD TV and noticed the Sky picture is not as good (sharp) as the Freeview picture (Freeview built into the TV).

I used the Sky remote control to do a signal test and it says Signal Strength about 75% and signal quality is only about 25%.

These figures are the same on both box sky boxes.

Should these figures be better than this ?

Is there anything I can do to improve the signal strenghth or quality (clean the dish or LNB)?

Or do I need to get a Sky engineer in to perhaps check the dish is aligned OK?


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Hi 'vehelpfulguy'.....are you connecting the sky+ box to the tv in the same way that you did with your old via a 'scart' cable ?
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Yes, the Sky+ box goes into a DVD Recorder via Scart, then from the DVD Recorder to the TV via Scart (same setup as it was on the old 26" CRT TV).

I have a PS3 connected to the new TV via a HDMI cable and that picture is pin sharp.
Hi 'vehelpfulguy'...thanks for the information...if everything is the same it can only be related to the new tv...but is everything the same ? I guess you did not have a PS3 connected in via an HDMI.... it might be worth doing some experimenting, like disconnecting the HDMI.......or just connecting the sky+ box directly to the tv and see what the picture looks like
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one thing you can check which may affect picture sharness is to set the Scart out of the Sky box to RGB insted of composite.

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Poor Sky signal - anything I can do ?

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