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Khandro | 16:19 Tue 09th Jun 2009 | Technology
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I have several images stored on my computer which are in a html format, when I want to use them I have to go online to see them. Is there a way to change them into a jpeg format, please?


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I would doubt that your pictures are in HTML format as this describes a webpage.

Load them up, press print screen, go into MS Paint and press "paste". You can now crop them to size and save them as jpeg or bmp.
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Thanks, and sorry, when I check the images mentioned are in MHTML format. I don't seem to have ms paint but I have photoshop installed.
That should do it. MS Paint, should be under programs -accessories and comes as standard with windows.
I confused...

HTML files are not images, they are webpages. The webpage may contain images but they will be seperate files.

open one of the HTML files so you can see the image you want then just right click on the image and select "save image as" and you should be able to just save the pic onto your computer that way,

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