New compact digital camera?

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aquilotta | 14:05 Fri 02nd Jan 2009 | Technology
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Hi folks...
Am looking to replace my Canon Ixus 650 with something ?similar? . (Basically point-and-shoot but with some manual possibilities). My Canon (first time I've bought a Canon) was wonderful to start with, but within just 14 months of purchase had already started to lose functions!!!!!! - first the red-eye flash, then the image stabilisation, then... So am rather worried about ever again buying a Canon BUT all the reports I read & sales people with whom I speak seem to rank Canon highest, so... *gulp* please help!

My budget is a maximum of �350 including memory whatnot: of VITAL importance to me is colour - soooo many of the digital cameras I've looked at seem to KILL lush greens and turn them into some duller bluish green :'-( - I want the full intensity of colours to come through, from palest pastels to the most vibrant and intense greens/reds/whatevers!

Image stabilisation - yes, definitely.

Low-light capabilities - YES, please: I try to use the flash as little as possible indoors 'cos it tends to wash out the colour, and capturing moonlight on lakes isn't helped by flash either!....

Reasonable MP - though I'm aware that megapixels are by no means the whole story.

Optical zoom - the more the better... NOT bothered about video functions!

Weight - the lighter the better (without sacrificing the above necessities though...)

ALSO, I see that many current mobile phones are starting to have high MP cameras built-in. How do those cameras compare with "REAL" cameras????

All help VERY gratefully appreciated...

Thanks folks!


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I have recently purchased a Benq digital camera and it has loads of functions on it. It is 10 mega pixels - it was on special offer from Micro deals and I even got a �10 cash back! It cost under �60. Put Benq in your browser and see what comes up. I had a very expensive Riccho before and this is ten times better.
Have you considering upgrading within canon's range?

The G series is an exceptional series with amazing build and image quality and alot more manual control.
Or if you want futher control over your images you can get one of the newer top end powershot Image Stabilizer cameras.

But my best advice for recreating your images with greatest control and quailty within your �350 budget would be to get a second hand digital SLR camera.
I bought my Canon 350D for �250 with two lens, at the time saving �500 (mainly because the man selling it didn't know anything about the workings or value of DSLR cameras).
But nowadays a full kit can be anything between �200 and �300 second hand.

It's just about how heavy you think heavy is ;)
I bought the Canon Ixus 960 last year and it is brilliant. 12.1Megapixel, 3.7 optical zoom.

It is a joy to use and is very easy to learn. I also have a larger Canon camera, and the menus and functionality are similar. If you already have a Canon, I would highly recommend the 960 as it is a very good camera and the Canon user interface is excellent.

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