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haysi06 | 11:08 Sat 06th Sep 2008 | Technology
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I have just replaced my subscribed antivirus (Bullguard) with the free version of AVG. It seems to be working ok, what do users of AVG think of the product and is there anything that I should be looking out for?

I also use C-Cleaner regularly and 'Spybot' so hope I have everything covered.

Thanks in advance for any comments.


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I don't know if AVG still does it but AVG V8 downloads every page in your Google and Yahoo searches and checks them for viruses just in case you go to the page.

This ridiculous idea eats up your bandwidth pointlessly. I only found out after getting excess traffic expenses on my ISP account.

Personally I think AVG is junk.
I am a very happy AVG user and have been for years. I have recommended it to many friends and all have been happy with it.
It all depends on your surfing habits.
If the strongest site you visit is BBC's question time ... and don't bank online - you'll be fine.... but you probably would anyway.

free avg is worth every penny you pay for it ..... as are most commercially provided freebies
if you notice - they also sell a real security package
so while the free package is better than nothing at all ... it's got many limitations - and you should be aware of this

one is a cut down hook to sell you the other ....

what should you look out for .... real viruses spring to mind

cc is good .. as is spybot - an occasional chkdisk and the odd defrag won't go amiss either
ive had avg for a few years its very user friendly and im quite happy with it and its free!!
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Thank you for your comments,

beso I have noticed that the pages are loading a bit slower but I can live with that for now.

Ethel, thanks, thats what I wanted to hear. :)

ACtheTroll, Recently my habits have been the Channel4 website, some online stores and a few chat forums. I was going to sign up for online banking but will reconsider that. I haven't heard of 'chkdisk', so will check that out. My previous antivirus software automatically defragged so will check if that happens with AVG.

markh1972, thats good to know too.

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AVG Free edition version 8

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