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kitty1950 | 13:18 Thu 10th Feb 2011 | Technology
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Whilst on my old XP laptop yesterday I got a offer to upgrade my AVG free 9.0 to AVG free 11, so I did and it went without a hitch even uninstalling the old edition.

Today I am on my Vista PC and decided to download AVG free 11 but after a while I got an error message - 'uninstallation of old AVG 9.0 failed and cannot install new version AVG 11. Try to uninstall the old version manually then launch installation again'.

I tried to uninstall it and ran the new installation again but got the same error message. Does anyone know what is going wrong and how do I successfully uninstall the old version. Thanks, Kath.


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Try the AVG removal tool. (top link)
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Tried the top link but it didn't remove AVG 9.0 it is still on my computer, do you have a link to a programme that will uninstall AVG 9.0. Kath.
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It was uninstalled, It was just the desktop icon that wasn't removed. I am going to try and install AVG 11 now. Thanks Chuck. Kath.
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All sorted now and up to date with my antivirus. Thanks for your help Chuck.


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AVG Anyi-Virus Free Edition 11

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