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sqad617 | 15:38 Tue 04th Mar 2008 | Technology
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Windows security has elected Spyware to tell me that I have 24 THREATS on Spyware scanning. AVG which is installed tells me that I have NO THREATS. Who is right and is this just to get me to buy Spyware?


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Generally,yes,but scan with first,very reliable.
Sorry,should be
AVG s NOT looking for Spyware so will not find anything like that. AVG is looking for Viruses which are a different thing all together.

Adaware is a good program for looking for spyware.

Some programs do exaggerate the number of problems they find in the hope you will then pay out money for them.

Also you say "Windows security has elected" as though you think Windows has somehow chosen this product on your behalf.

This is very unlikely and it may just be the wording of the product that is trying to give you that impression.
Some programs will see cookies as threats too. Just install and run CCleaner as suggested above and then run the scan again.

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Virus threats

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