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bubbles4920 | 19:34 Fri 08th Feb 2008 | Technology
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what is the cheapest isp that does dial up for unlimited use? my father in law about to get a laptop and they can only get dial up as live out in the wilds.


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As far as I'm aware, all dial up ISP's will be the same price to you as it willl be a national call rate number (0845) or similar and the cost will depend on your phone line supplier not the ISP you're dialling. Typically, on a BT landline it's about 3p/minute daytime, 2p/minute evenings and 1p/minute weekends. I used to use 0845 123 2000 when my Broadband was down.
Bubbles your father in law is in luck.

Fast4 does an Unlimited access for �2.95 per month. They do this kind of offer once in awhile. Sign up quick before they increase the price.

I use to be with them. If you decide to sign up with them, you might like some useful tips in keeping with their terms and conditions otherwise they'll cancel your account without warning.

1) Don't leave your computer idle i.e. doing nothing for more than 15min. A useful tip would be log on to a chatroom and let it run in the background while pace yourself in reading sites.

2) The last time I was with them is their cut off time is 2hours. If you're cut off don't dial straight away, wait for 5min before you dial up again otherwise the server will detect your computer is 'messin' about...too much quick dial up they will terminate your account.

I wasn't aware of the above rules when I was with them and had to re-registered with them 4 times and I had to fork out a higher rate per month.

Here is the link:

Hope that helps.

Oh, I forgot to say Fast4 don't like your computer be 'Always On' - surfing long periods even if it's unlimited, see 2).

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