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Youravonlady | 13:18 Tue 02nd Oct 2007 | Technology
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I have saved a wav sound file from the internet which I would like to port somehow into my mobile phone as a ring tone.

1. Is this possible?
2. It is only seven seconds long, would that mean my ring tone would only be of that length? Or could it be set to repeat.


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You havent said what phone you have?

On a modern nokia for example you can copy the wav to the phone and then set that as the ringtone.

It would just repeat for the seven seconds. You could edit or cross fade out and in using some free audio editing software such as audacity. This might make it sound more professional .

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Thanks Dredwerker. It's an old (16 months) Motorola V3 but it has struck me that I'll get a new phone with my new contract in a couple of months so maybe it's best to live with as at present and go through the hoops with the new one.

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