Looking for a tonibell ring tone - anyone help?

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Postdog | 11:35 Mon 05th May 2008 | Technology
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People of a certain age will know what I mean. I would really like to have the Tonibell chimes as a ring tone, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I have tried googling, etc, but no luck.

Does anyone know whether a ring tone is available anywhere, or even a sound clip I can make an mp3 of?


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I'm a certain age ... a certain size, certainly stoopid ... but what the (**&%^&$^^&OO&* is tonibell??????
there are hubdreds of references ... from bondage to .... well - "young person's" music

is it by any chance some sort of yankee ice cream vendor?
is so ... lol .... does this ring a bell? tml
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Tonibell was a british ice Cream van.

not round here ....
google tb ... you get an interesting spread of hits

round our way it's kendall's (yum)
and hilton's - hilton's icecream - tastes like brylcream!
(to the townhall clock chimes).
Soz its 2 years down the line :) .. its the best i've found .. its truncated (17secs) .. but the quality is gd ..

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Looking for a tonibell ring tone - anyone help?

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