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Whiskery Ron | 14:07 Tue 02nd Oct 2007 | Technology
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What is the best prog for e-mails? at the moment i'm looking at Outlook Express & Mozilla Thunderbird. I can't decide which to use. Any suggestions? Ron.


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I have used outlook, preferred thunderbird but gave them all up for gmail.

It collects 5 different email addresses in exactly the same way outlook does, is far easier to set up - and can be accessed from any pc in the world as it is web based.

I can send emails from any of the five email addresses through gmail too.
I like hotmail lol
I've just dropped Thunderbird after I realised that it kept unilaterally deleting older e-mails -regardless of the retention policy selected.
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Thanks all. G mail sounds interesting Ehel, I shall have a look at that.Ron.
I find Incredimail the best by far!!.

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