How can i cluster sql 2005 for load balancing?

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abssoft2000 | 20:20 Mon 06th Nov 2006 | Technology
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i have a table with 10,000,000,000 records and i need Select and Insert many
records from or into this table in less than one second.
i can't buy a very expensive hardware(Server) for this SQL Server 2005
but i can buy many medium price hardwares(Servers) for this SQL Server
how can i distribute or cluster this table between many hardwares(Servers)?
note: i have few users (maximum 5 users) for my database but i have a
very large table and Sql server 2005 server need to respond to this
users in less than 1 second.
i want to distribute this huge table in seperated hardwares. becuase i
can't buy a very expensive hardware from my server but i can buy many
medium price hardware for my server.
note: i need this: when a user run a select query on this huge table
his/her request distribute between many hardwares not one hardware.


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As far as I'm aware you can't run a single database across multiple SQL servers. A database can only run on one server at a time.
Good grief! That's nearly two records for every man, woman and child on the planet! You're not working for the CIA are you?
Maybe the zero key had a stutter.

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How can i cluster sql 2005 for load balancing?

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