Can I change an A4 sized poster to A5?

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spudqueen | 19:04 Mon 06th Nov 2006 | Technology
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My son has done an A4 sized poster in Microsoft word. Is there anyway I can change it to A5 size to print two copies to each sheet of paper?


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When you print something you usually get a Print window with all sorts of options on it.

See if you can do it there.

Maybe specify you have A5 paper and it will print on one "end" of the A4.

Then turn the paper round and print again on A5 and it should print the other end.

If that does not work have a look at some of the other options on the print window.

For example you may be able to print 2 copies on a single A4 in one go.
What he should have done is set the page to landscape and format to two columns and make sure that the poster fits into one side of the page You could then copy and paste the poster onto the right hand side of the paper
You could try doing this on a new document and then copy and pasting the original poster onto the left hand side of the page. Get it to fit by reducing font size etc
Yvonnem has hit the nail on the head. In hindsight the document should have been setup to A5 before the poster was created. Just reducing it from A4 to A5 for printing you will lose all the formatting.
There will be a lot of work reducing the font (and pictures if it's a poster) to accurately fit A5. But the copying and pasting idea will work.

If you have access to a photocopier all the reducing to A5 and printing next to each other can be done on that. Perhaps just obtain one copy then scan it back into your computor for printing the number you want to save expense.
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Thanks for all your help. I ended up going to my local Spar who reduced it on their photocopier. I always think that things are going to be easier on a computer than they always are!

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Can I change an A4 sized poster to A5?

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