new laptop not finding wireless

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osh | 21:07 Mon 06th Nov 2006 | Technology
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Hello all,

Just got a new (cheap but new) laptop for my other half to do her Uni work on. It has XP etc, and is supposed to be wireless enabled, but I cannot find my wireless network at home.

I know it is working (I'm writing this on my laptop which is wirelessly connected!! -So there is wireless signal getting to this table!!)

So my question - what am I missing, do I need to do something to the new laptop to let it look for networks. (I tried the windows wizard, but it says there are no networks available). Any suggestions from all you experts out there?


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Is there a little physical button somewhere on the case, to turn the wireless function on?
If you can let us know the make and model, i'm sure someone will be able to check out the Laptop specs for you.

I would certainly try fo3nix suggestion first.My laptop has a button at the front which has to be pressed to enable the wireless.
Mine is one of the function keys, Fn + 3 I think. See if there's a picture of the wireless thingy on one of your keys, it looks like a pylon with a few semicircles coming out of it.

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new laptop not finding wireless

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