Dying PC!

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pete27 | 16:41 Sun 16th Apr 2006 | Technology
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Hi there,

I have a rather old pc, Pentium 1 (NEC) running Windows 98 that seems to have died on me.... I was having trouble shutting my PC down (it would freeze on shutdown saying 'Please wait while your pc is shutting down'), I in an attempt to rescue it entered the BIOS by pressing F2, however I changed something that had a life altering effect on my PC... I resorted to turning the PC off by unplugging it or pressing reset; however now on startup it freezes and won't let me even enter set up - I can press F2, and it says 'Entering Setup...' but freezes there and I cannot do anything. CTRL + Alt + Del just allows me to restart it and then the same problem. Could anyone give me some advice? Thank you very much in advance!


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well pete27 i understand u probably have much affection for ur once trusty machine but believe me it is time to say goodbye and buy a new one--u could however try booting the machine from a floppy boot disk and re-installing windows from the win 98 cd if u have one but if the problem is with the bios i doubt this will fix it--with a machine that age when something major like this happens i reckon ur best to call it a day
Well I cannot agree that it's time you euthanised your PC - there's probably a lot of life in it yet. Naturaly you don't have a floppy boot disk. You are prompted to make one when you are installing Win98 however few people seem to create this very necessary item. Go to and download the win98 boot disk creation program, insert a formated floppy into the drive and run the program you just downloaded. You now have a Win98 boot disk. Insert the boot disk into the faulty machine. The machine will boot up using the info on the floppy disk. Enter the BIOS and reset everything to the default settings. You should now be able to re-install win98 over top of the corrupted operating system.

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Dying PC!

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