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Broadband Is Up For Renewal

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lankeela | 12:35 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Technology
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I am with talk talk, no landline, current about £28 a month but going up to £34 plus whatever hike in April.


I also pay BT £7.50 a month for my email.


I don't do gaming or live streaming, just basic browsing and emails.  I do spend a lot of hours online.  Is there a better deal that won't be complicated to change to?  Thinking BT have a 24 month contract for £29.99.  Would this then include my emails that I am currently paying BT for anyway?  


Please don't ask about speeds or megabits or other technical stuff as I don't understand what they mean.  



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No it is fixed for 24 months.

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Broadband Is Up For Renewal

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