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henrys202020 | 21:06 Wed 28th Feb 2024 | Technology
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using  w11  chrome

my  laptop  keys   do  not  work   most  of  the  time wondering    why  not  thanks



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Keyboards do wear out over time.  If you're only using your laptop at home, rather than carrying it about with you, the simplest solution would be to plug another keyboard into a USB socket.  It won't cost you a fortune:

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ta  for  reply  my  laptop  is  only   6  months  old

paid   900   pounds   for  it  / should  have  no   probs

Have you spilled liquid on the keypad Henry? 

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i  do  not  drink  or  smoke  when  im  on  the  laptop

That'll be the trouble, climbing onto the laptop. 


Take it back and complain. Presumably it's still under warranty.

Oh dear. Henry have you been messing around in settings and in ease of access menus enabled keyboard filter? If so why and if so turn off filter keys. You can check if the filter is on by pressing the RIGHT shift key for about 8 seconds. If a box appears and it says do you want to turn off filter keys choose yes. If it says do you want to turn on filter keys do NOTHING except clicking the little X in the top right of the box. 

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ta  for  info  togo/  i do  not  see a  key   with / shift / thanku

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