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Broadband Is Up For Renewal

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lankeela | 12:35 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Technology
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I am with talk talk, no landline, current about £28 a month but going up to £34 plus whatever hike in April.


I also pay BT £7.50 a month for my email.


I don't do gaming or live streaming, just basic browsing and emails.  I do spend a lot of hours online.  Is there a better deal that won't be complicated to change to?  Thinking BT have a 24 month contract for £29.99.  Would this then include my emails that I am currently paying BT for anyway?  


Please don't ask about speeds or megabits or other technical stuff as I don't understand what they mean.  



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Lanky, i currently pay £25.17 pm for Vodafone Broadband which is inclusive of emails. I believe they are to raise this by 7.9% in April (approx £2) which is fair enough given most broadband providers will be doing the same.

I changed from BT to Vodafone some years back and i don't recall having any problems with the switch. Like you, i mainly browse, rarely livestream and only play online pool.

Of course, there may be cheaper, better providers so it would be best for you to look around. See what broadband Which suggest, maybe?

or do a compare the market/meerkats etc, or via a cashback sites own compare site

The trustworthy site MoneySavingExpert has a good comparison of current deals:

Why are you paying for email?

Do you get a good 5G signal at home?

Had my renewal notice from talktalk - same package £26 pm for 24 months (plus usual April rip-off increases I guess). Will probably go with that.

(currently paynig 25.12 pm)

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See Barry this is where you lose me - how do I know whether I get a good 5g signal at home and what does that mean?  I turn the laptop on and its just there - I don't know what speed it is.

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I was with BT years ago and was told I would lose my email address if I didn't pay for it when I changed and as it is used for a lot of my dog club stuff I didn't want to have to change it.  

Pop your postcode in the box here, Lankeela

lanks - check your broadband speed here:

BT is offering me broadband for £28 and of course you wouldn't have to pay the £7.50 for emails

It's a faff changing email addresses but probably worth doing in the long term.

I think if you switch away from talktalk you can use their email free for a limited period then they charge you for it.

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I have a email address that I don't want to lose.  But if I go back to BT for broadband how do I stop paying for it?

Gmail is a free email service through Google. You just pay whatever company you use for internet service. In the UK I had BT router and internet and used Google email.

You get a new email address, I like Gmail.  Tell all your contacts your new email address, set up forwarding in your BT email so all your emails go to the new GMail account until your BT account is closed.

Ring BT, free, and ask them what they can do to get you a better deal:

0800 023 2023 (option 1)

BT won't shift on their email retention fees, I know a few people who have tried.

Although BT will downgrade you to their Basic eMail service which is free

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My email is listed in many of our dog club handbooks, adverts, websites etc so it would be impossible to update them all with a new email address.  


I do have a gmail email address but I find it such a faff using it and I forget to go into it to see if there are any new messages, as I only had to have another email as one of the companies I deal with for microchipping wanted a different email to my main one for my personal account and our rescue account.  I will contact BT and see if I can sort it out.  

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Ok thanks for help and links, I have decided to go with BT at £27.99 a month for 24 month contract and have got confirmation that I will no longer have to pay the £7.50 per month for my email address.  Fingers crossed the changeover is smooth!

It will be fine.  Will it go up in April?

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Broadband Is Up For Renewal

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