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lankeela | 16:07 Thu 10th Sep 2020 | Technology
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I'm with Talk Talk and it is going up from £21.50 to £22.95 next month on renewal - not a mega amount but anyone any recommendations for a cheaper and reliable service? I can't really be doing with the grief of switching but feel I ought to ask the question. I never use the phone (not even got a handset plugged in) and wish I could ditch the landline. I do spend an immense amount of time on t'internet though so a pay as you go dongle would probably cost me a lot more.


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I recently switched to Talk Talk from BT who were charging much much more.
I have had no problems with Talk Talk (touch wood).
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Can't say I've had any problems, other than a dodgy router which they eventually replaced recently. Cheapest offer on the link bookbinder gave is £17.99 a month - so a fair saving on the £22.95 over a year but its a company I haven't heard of - decisions decisions!
I prefer BT, any problems they sort it out almost immediately.
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Damn - I've clicked on 'Find Out More' with Origin and was asked to put in my details - now it says someone is going to contact me. I didn't want to be contacted just needed to know some terms and conditions. Hope they don't get pushy.
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Lol - just realised I had put my mobile number in and it asked for another number so I put my landline one in, but not having a handset they are not going to contact me anyway!
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My contract ends on 10th October and the email says this "After your contract ends, you can change to another provider without any early termination charges, or you can stay on your existing service. If you decide to leave before then, we require 30 days notice. You can find out more here." So does that mean if I decide to leave I have to give them notice today?
If you terminate before 10th October you incur a penalty and must give 30 days notice - in other words, by now you can't terminate before 10th October so you can't incur a penalty.
Ring Talktalk and say you are thinking of changing provider to save money.
They might offer a discount to keep you.
However I have to say that Talktalk are among the cheapest anyway.
Some providers will pay any charges you incur for leaving early.

I would also suggest that before you commit to changing look at Quidco (other cash back sites exist) - I switched 2 years ago to EE - went through Quidco and got a deal that was only £2 per month dearer than the EE shop quoted me BUT also gave me £120 cashback.

Then used Quidco again to switch to Now TV and got £80.

Then in June I used then to switch to Vodafone and received my £80 cashback this week!

(Quidco do take a fee - so I got £75 of my £80)
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Having had a look at several comparison sites it seems that Talk Talk is probably my best bet and it will save a lot of grief setting up the new router etc.
Still worth threatening to leave, it certainly works with Sky TV.
They start throwing discounts at you.
It works with TalkTalk as well. I do it every renewal and always get a discount.
I used this website to compare broadband deals

Had some good deals on there, worth a look!

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Broadband Due For Renewal

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