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Mobile Phones.

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zabado | 14:41 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | Technology
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I going to Thailand/Vietnam in a few weeks and was thinking of buying a new mobile phone while I'm there. When I bring it home and put my sim card in it will it work in the UK ?.



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Yes, provided the phone is not locked to a network (unlikely)

But if something goes wrong with it it's going to be fun getting it sorted. Make sure the saving is worth it.

Most probably...but check the 4G frequencies that the phone works on - they do vary.

My main thoughts about buying things abroad it genuine, what if it's faulty and what happens if it goes wrong shortly after buying?

I see that bhg and I usually think along the same lines!

Different parts of the world allocate different radio frequencies for use by mobile phone service providers.  If the phone you buy is classed as 'quad band', it should be capable of connecting into the local networks anywhere in the world. 

However if it's got lesser capabilities, it might only be able to use a band allocated for mobile phone use in Thailand or Vietnam, rather than one of the bands used in the UK.

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Thanks for all your info guys. 

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Mobile Phones.

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