Timeline of Mobile Phones

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ecrs2300 | 19:04 Mon 21st Jun 2010 | Technology
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Hello :)
I have to make a timeline of mobile phones that includes as much information as possible.
I have to include when they became consumer items/available to be bought on the high street, what technology is featured (e.g. mobile phones started with GSM (Global standard for mobile) technology to make calls, what happened next?)
a. when did text messaging become available
b. web access
c. email
d. smart phones
e. touch screen
f. “clam shell” phones
g. Picture messaging
h. 3g
i. Video calls and messaging
k. Lifestyle phones

I also need to include popular items from each subsequent year e.g. iphone etc
I've spent ages trying to do it with not much luck! Help is greatly recieved! Thanks! :D


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You're not off to a great start by saying "mobile phones started with GSM"

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Timeline of Mobile Phones

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