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JinnyJoan | 11:52 Tue 06th Feb 2024 | Technology
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I do not know what is an APP is - think it means application - but after that don't know what it is  



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an app is a link to a company or a service - available on android or apple products.

So santander has an app - you can download it and then click on it to log in to your account

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can't even bloody download either

what are you trying to download it too an apple device or an android device?


All of the programs on your phone are simply referred to as apps.

So for instance on my phone, I have a Facebook app, camera app, WhatsApp app, settings app, NHS app .... the list is endless.

You use the app to open the program, so you'll quite often hear things like, "open Facebook using the app".  All that means is you need to double click on the Facebook app to open up the program.

What we used to know as Programs on PCs are now also known as Apps.

Gizzy.  Don't have a phone

In my old day. Would Apps. Have benn named ICON 

No, an icon is just an image representing a website, program or app.

Clicking the icon opens the app/program/file

stop worrying - if you don't have a phone you don't need to know anything about apps.

An icon would be the picture you see to click on.  An app is a program that can do things for you, either stand alone or by using a 'link' to a website.

Apps have to be submitted to the store owner (as raw code) who will verify the code is correct and not malicious before allowing it onto thier store for download.

//if you don't have a phone you don't need to know anything about apps.//

Not strictly true.  Microsoft Store refers to programs as apps, so if you want whatsapp for Windows you go to MSS and download the whatsapp app (That is compiled to run under windows rather than say Android)

Having downloaded an app, it will show up as an Icon on your device.  Slack terminology can indeed equate the two.

JJ does have a tablet so does need apps

To answer JinnyJoan's original question - yes, 'app' is short for 'application software'. As mjwman said, utilities such as 'Character Map' and 'Command Prompt' on my Windows 10 laptop are termed 'Apps'.

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