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Facebook Messenger

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Giggsie | 17:13 Mon 29th Jan 2024 | Technology
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What is this that's coming up when you access messenger. Something about chat history on google I don't understand anyone know?



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I think it is giving you the option to save your messenger history on Google Drive. 

Question Author

Didn't know FB messenger was connected to google. I now cannot get past this to get on to my messenger 

Are you accessing through Facebook in a browser or through an app?

Question Author

Barry both tried through fb and the separate app cannot get rid of it will have a look at the options. 

Same here, Giggsie.

It's driving me up the wall! Can't get passed it to look at messages.

My messenger (browser only) is working fine.  What exactly are you seeing?

Question Author

Barry it's disappeared on mine now but it said something about being able to read your history chat on other devices. Get a key from google create a code. I never did anything not knowingly but it's gone. 

I hope it's gone for good 

On my phone app I just keyed in a six digit no. it asked for, confirmed it that's it gone... I see nothing in FB on PC about it.

Still same here! Wants my pin. I don't know it! Let's hope it disappears soon!

Patsy I put in the same one that unlocks my phone.

Ahhhh! I'll try that Arky..x

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Facebook Messenger

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