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What Is The Difference?

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pastafreak | 15:06 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Technology
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Between new 2023 version...and 2022 (old version)?

New... User Recommendationref=sr_1_4?crid=2STQGJ6IPLFEA&keywords=samsung+a8+tablet&qid=1701093754&sprefix=Samsung+a8%2Caps%2C174&sr=8-4



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Old version... User Recommendation?coliid=I24UUV68WADTEC&colid=O6B5YFMPKVUU&ref_=list_c_wl_lv_ov_lig_dp_it&th=1

about 13 pound.

boom boom

ps the new one is bigger


theres a table  at the bottom with differences

Are you sure they are different?  Same serial number and as far as I can tell the Tab A8 was released in Jan 22 and hasn't been upgraded.

I would be wary of the seller in your link

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On the "newer" one where its stated first listed on amazon  it says 2023.

Barry...are they both same seller? I know one has good reviews...I know, its amazon!

On my phone so can't faff around looking atm. 

Both sold by Only Branded.  There is a choice of two on the 'old version' page - what they call the old version, or the UK version.

The old version model number is ‎SM-X200NZSEEUA (silver)

The UK version is SM-X205NZSEEUA  (this belongs to the 4G model, which isn't the one listed)

On your second link, the 'new version' the model number is SM-X200NZAEEUE (grey) 

On the Very website it's  SM-X200NIDEEUA (pink gold)

So they are all the same tablet, with different colours.   The important bit is the SM-X200 (WiFi only) SM-X205 (WiFi and 4G).  The rest of the sequence represents the colours.

Find a better retailer. 



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What Is The Difference?

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