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MTbowels | 09:49 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | Technology
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My Sky package is rising in cost to £57 per month from next month. I've had enough of these relentless increases and I and my wife want to switch it off. I've been a customer since the mid nineties, the kids have long left home, I'm approaching pension age and over the summer, we spend most of the time down our caravan. I'm narked about these price increases as it looks like I can get Now TV and Britbox for a fraction of what Sky want to charge me even after subscribing to their "add-ons"
I currently have Sky Q which means the LNB thingummybob will need changing if I go over to freesat. I don't mind paying for a guy to do it if necessary but if I turn to the streaming services, I won't have too. On the other hand, if Sky offered to reduce my package price to around £30, I'd consider staying with them. I don't know what to do tbh.
Has anyone any experience of putting leverage on Sky to get a package reduction? What would be the best phone number to contact them?
Thank you.


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I forget the number (no doubt Google will tell you) but I did negotiate a better Sky package simply by saying I was not happy to pay the increased amount.
Phone them and tell them you're leaving. Tell them they're ripping you off, and add what you've said in your OP. I guarantee they'll offer you a half price deal. But probably only for 18 months. Tis up to you though. But I'd definitely phone them.
You must phone them and speak to Cancellations Dept.
I cancelled everthing except broadband. Also I took their offer of £5 per month for use of dish for one year.
Thus I get Free Sat without buying another antenna.
Cost £35 p.m. better than the £90 I was paying.
Just phone them on their customer services number - there is an option for cancellation there.
Stick to your guns and cancel it - that is how you will get the best deal they will ring you back and give you offers - then you can tell them what you are prepared to pay.
But you have to be prepared to follow through with your threat of cancelling
I think you will be passed to the "retentions" department if you say you are leaving. They will offer a deal, but if you waver they will offer a better one. Anyone who pays Sky full price is a mug.
just phone up and tell them you want to cancel, they'll transfer you to their "customer retention" team and they'll let you have a discount usually 50% for a year. I do that every year, I never pay full price.
Don’t get into an argument with them about the increase or poor service. Just ask for the cancellation Department.
They will ask the reason you are leaving. Tell them you can get a Virgin package for half the price. They will scurry away and find you a deal at half the price.
sorry should have read the other answers first!
What a username!
I cancelled my sky package but now can still use freesat from sky and I don’t have to pay nought. No dish fee either as billy d said in his comment. Did not have to change LNB either.

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Thank you all very much. I'll give Sky a ring in about a fortnight.

I'm still not certain about this Sky Q business. Billy D seems to have paid for the use of the dish for a £5 annual fee. I always thought that the dish remained the subscribers property and Sky only wanted the Sky Q box back. I don't understand how freesat can be picked up without changing the LNB on a Sky Q installation.

It looks like Giggsie didn't have Sky Q anyway if I'm reading the post right and therefore he wouldn't need a change of LNB.

Can anyone clarify what will work or not work if I go ahead and switch Sky off?

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Sky Unsubscribing

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