Listening To The Radio On A Television

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haras2 | 16:32 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | Technology
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I have just got a new TV.
On my old one, when I listened to BBC radio programmes, the current piece of music would be
shown on screen
The new TV shows it when it is first on, but it then sticks there.
I can only recover it by the old favourite "Switch it off and back on again"
The old one was a Samsung,the new one an LG.
I have trawled the multi - multi lingual Instructions to no avail.
Can anyone suggest what I could try


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Is it using the Internet ? I listen on Freeview and it's never given song title info, or any data, save the station name on the splash screen.
I've just turnt over to Radio 2 on Freeview 702 and its showing the singer and the song title.

There was a option to press something to hide the screen so is that what you do OG?
Maybe BBC shows something. None of the radio stations I listen to does. Always assumed Freeview didn't support it.
If its a smart tv listen through the station's app or through the TuneIn Radio app.
On my LG tv I get a screen with the song playing by pressing the green button on the remote.
You could try that maybe.
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Thanks all
Kwillmot, my green button just turns the screen black

Old Geezer, the commercial stations don't show them - just BBC

The Corbyloon, what you describe is how my old telly worked.
I'm on Freeview - no internet
Well, if you have a new smart TV and don't connect it to the internet, you are missing an awful lot of stuff.

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Listening To The Radio On A Television

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