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smurfchops | 17:58 Wed 29th Jun 2022 | Technology
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Thinking of getting one, does it use up a lot of internet data, what are privacy rights, other cons ( and pros) please? So would you recommend??


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yes i would recommend, but only if you have broadband, rather than a metered connection
We love ours, no idea about the data they use. Lots of people hate this type of listening device.
I've got ours connected to smart plugs, smart lights and the Ring doorbell so they really are useful especially for my old stars that aren't very mobile or nimble fingers.
What do you want one for?
have to agree with barry -mine is linked to my security cameras so i can see who is at the door bfore i bother getting up. It's useful for smart plugs and lights, and also it's how i listen to music. Good for timers and alarms and listening to the radio, and for quizzes
but also, agree with B again that before too long you'll have some moany people telling you how it's stripping your liberties and how someone in china is listening in.
The vast majority of ISPs no longer have data caps, so their customers are free to use as much data as they like without paying any additional charges. If you're one of the tiny percentage of broadband users who're still stuck with a data cap, this information will be relevant to you:

This article, from The Grauniad, covers the privacy concerns that some people have associated with Alexa devices (and their rivals):

I've personally got nothing against them but I simply don't think that I'd gain much from having one. I've got an internet radio which, along with YouTube, serves my music needs well enough and, as I count myself as being rather good at using Google, I don't need Alexa to answer questions for me.

Further, as I live in a one bedroom 'starter home', I'm never very far away from my computer or my internet radio anyway. (I've also got no need of devices that work with Alexa, such as those that can dim the lights in a room upon a voice command. I'm perfectly capably of standing up, walking a few feet and using the dimmer switch on the wall!).

I'm sure that there will be people answering your question here for whom Alexa-enabled devices are either a really useful tool or, at least, an entertaining novelty. I'm not arguing against them at all; I'm simply saying that I can't see that I'd benefit a great deal from having one.
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Thanks all, something to think about.
Interesting link Buenchico, looking at it Alexa uses hardly any data at all.

I think it's slightly misleading in saying that music will use a lot, indeed that's technically true if the music just so happens to be going through Alexa. However if, without Alexa, one would still have streaming music from another internet connected source like phone or laptop then the usage would be the same for the property.

I suppose if one would stream more music having Alexa than one would without it then it's a factor to consider.
We love ours. Its great for ring doorbell, answer a question that pops up from a tv prog (who was the actress in....?) Local weather forecast, conversions, ft to cm for instance.
The grand children love it to put on favourite songs, I use it as a timer for something in the kitchen when I am in the living room...loads of uses!
I had to laugh at mine on Tuesday.
Because Eastenders was being broadcast on BBC2 instead of BBC 1 I asked it to remind me.
I said quite clearly "set a reminder for 7.29pm, watch BBC2."
It asked if I meant 2am or 2 pm. So I tried again two more times. In the end, after it asking the am/pm question...I said "neither" there was something like the sounds of it saying 'Huh!" and it turned off.
I'm sure it didn't reakky say it, but it sounded very much like it.

I do find it incredibly useful for reminders, alarms, etc.
^^^^ "really"
Personally I wouldn't give a permanent listening device house room.

Privacy rights? Haha.
^^^see :)

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