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smurfchops | 19:33 Fri 19th Mar 2021 | Technology
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Sometimes when l dial a number l don’t get a ringing tone, and l have to switch the phone off and on again for it to work. Also sometimes when someone phones me, the phone doesn’t ring, it just goes to voicemail. It doesn’t happen all the time. Any ideas? Also l often get cut off during calls for no reason and have to phone them back. Usually when l am dialling out. Thanks all.


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That sounds like a problem with the signal strength being received by the phone to me, rather than a problem with the phone itself (unless there's a fault with the circuitry connected to its aerial, which seems unlikely).

If you dial a number just as the signal cuts out, you won't get a ringing tone. Similarly, if the signal drops below a usable level when someone is calling you, their call will go straight to voicemail. That would also explain you getting cut off during calls.
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Thank you Chris, yes, I always seem to have a low signal at home. Any way I can change that? It’s a Tesco Mobile.
The A40 has dual sim capability.. why not get another sim so that you have the option of using another network which may give you a better signal.
If you do consider this option, dont get an o2 sim. Tesco piggyback on the o2 network.
Ask your neighbours if they get a good signal and find out which network they use.
As Alavahalf suggests, consider another network which uses different transmitter masts.

Avoid GiffGaff, Sky Mobile and LycaMobile, as they all use O2's masts (as Tesco Mobile does).

These providers use EE's masts: BT Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, Utility Warehouse, 1p Mobile and The Phone Coop.

These use Three's masts: iD Mobile, Smarty and FreedomPop

These use Vodafone: Voxi, Lebara Mobile and Talkmobile.

Asda currently uses EE's mast but is about to change to Vodafone.

Virgin Mobile is also in the process of switching users from EE to Vodafone.
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Thank you, will do. By the always if I change the sim, will I have to transfer all my messages, WhatsApp, contacts etc? Sorry I am not very technical!!
I'm never too sure myself about which data is stored on a SIM and which is actually on the phone itself but things within specific apps, such as WhatsApp messages, are definitely on your phone (and not on the SIM). The same applies to photos, videos, etc.

A bit of googling suggests though that the only things on your SIM are texts and contacts. However if you sync your contacts to your Google account, they'll automatically appear on any phone where you're using that account, irrespective of which SIM is in it:

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