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franco2021 | 11:25 Sat 23rd Jan 2021 | Technology
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im looking for a free dvd burner
kindly thanks


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You mean software or hardware?
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Is this HFJL2020
Found this when a did a search on burners
You want someone to give you a free dvd recorder? Are you sure you mean hardware?
This free burner you would like.. would you like one for a laptop a desktop, internal or external..?
Would you also like someone to post it to you for Free?
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just want to copy dvds
Have you tried Freecycle?
I'll be surprised if the OP means hardware.
Hardware - an actual physical device that you can touch.
Software - a set of instructions, such as an app, programme, video game, etc.

Franco - are you sure you mean hardware and not software??
If you've already got a DVD writer/rewriter (either built into your computer or as a standalone unit), then this is the software that you need:

If you're actually seeking a DVD writer/rewriter, you're unlikely to get one for free unless you're very lucky on Freecycle or Freegle. Otherwise you'll have to check out eBay, or similar, to find a cheap external one. (They start from around a tenner) NB: If you're going to be playing the DVDs you make on a TV, rather than on a computer, take care to check what formats your DVD player accepts. Some accept both DVD-RW discs and DVD+RW one, whereas others might only recognise one of those formats. You need a DVD-writer/rewriter which burns to the same format.

Remember too that commercial DVDs are usually copy-protected, so you can't copy them directly; you have to use software like Handbrake to extract all the data and then use that data to burn a new DVD, which can take several hours just to copy one disc.
Strangely enough I chuck computers out on a regular basis. The vast majority will have an unused DVD writer installed in them. Most instruments come with a CD and an instruction manual.. absolutely nobody uses the CD nor the manual, because everything is readily available online.
Internal DVD writers are so cheap on ebay, you are getting them for pennies plus the postage. The vast majority of ex corporate PCs have unused drives in them.

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