If You Mostly Use Your Mobile Phone Through Home Broadband How Much Data Do You Need To Buy?

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sandyRoe | 11:06 Fri 13th Nov 2020 | Technology
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I'm with EE and would like to change my 'plan' to the cheapest available. There's 500MB starting at £15. Would that be enough?


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I`m on a similar plan and very rarely use it away from home. If you anticipate that kind of usage they may still do the £10.00 tariff I am on.
That's the amount I have and never have an issue - but then I never use data on my phone except very occasionally abroad, on a journey or out and about when I really have to check something. I don't even have my mobile data switched on normally.
500MB would be adequate if you use the internet mainly via your home broadband.
For £7.50 a month with Tesco I get 1GB and far more texts and phone minutes than I could possibly use. Have a good look round for tariffs.
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are you with EE? When you log-in to your account where do you go to change plans?
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the Tesco 1GB sounds good value. Can I keep my number if I moved to them?
If they send you a card how do you fit it into the phone? I'm useless with that kind of thing.
I've just seen that Virgin are doing 3Gb for £6 per month with unlimited texts and calls as a Black Friday special offer but you do have to take a 12 month contract.
How much data ? In my experience, none.
sandy - the easy way is just to drop into a Tesco which does mobiles and they'll do everything for you. They were certainly very helpful in the Reading Oxford Road branch when we swapped phone, even to transferring our number to the new phone and replacing the SIM with a smaller one. I hear that ASDA are also very good for tariffs etc so, if they are more convenient for you, it's worth looking at them as well.
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Thank you all for your help.
There is a Tesco nearby. One more question how do I let EE know I'm moving?
It's a long time since I changed supplier and I can't remember exactly. I think you contact EE and ask for a PAC code, which allows your number to be transferred. With any luck someone more in the know will correct me if I'm wrong.
If you open settings/WiFi & network/data usage/mobile data usage, you can see your actual usage and will know how much to buy.

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If You Mostly Use Your Mobile Phone Through Home Broadband How Much Data Do You Need To Buy?

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