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chokkie | 14:06 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Technology
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Is anyone else having trouble with their Yahoo mail today? Since last night I have been unable to access Yahoo mail on my desktop computer. It's working perfectly on the laptop, it's okay on the tablet and also okay on my ipad.

Basically, I can't send anything, can't open anything, cannot use the Yahoo calendar, can't delete anything, it's really frustrating. And it's also not showing half of the emails in my inbox.

Any ideas, anyone? We've tried uninstalling the Yahoo app and then re-installing, but this doesn't solve the problem. I think this has happened before, but it seemed to right itself fairly quickly last time. Thanks in advance, Cheers, Chox.


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Not much help I'm afraid, but I can only answer the first question - no.
I've had no problems in accessing my Yahoo email today, but if I try to access it on IE11, my computer automatically switches over to Microsoft Edge, and says something like 'the website you were trying to access is not available on IE11'.
Yahoo have chnaged something - and now you need a app password from them if using a program/app that doesn't meet their requirments.

They did send emails out - I ignored them initally - looked like spam to me!

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Thanks for your suggestions, folks. Tuvok, not sure what that App/password thing is all about, but will check it out later. This is the second time that this Yahoo mail issue has happened with my desktop p.c. - and the last time, we switched to Edge for emails and it seemed to work. And then shortly after we switched to Edge, it came back to normal on Chrome. Thankfully, I've got other devices to access Yahoo mail on, but really appreciate your advice everyone. Cheers, Chox.
Following their instructions I got one thing working and lost an account on another client. It wouldn't work with either the old or new password. Not checked today but Yahoo ought not go fixing what wasn't broken.
Seems ok.
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interesting, Mr. Chox had a think about this - initially he switched the browser to Edge, but then had a brainwave - he uninstalled Google Chrome and re-installed it - and eureka! Yahoo mail all working again, as it should, on Chrome. He seems to remember that there had been a Google Chrome update about 7-10 days ago .... anyway, much "phewing" all round "Chez Chox" today, having got it all sorted! Thanks again everyone!

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Problems With Yahoo Mail

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