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sddsddean | 20:42 Mon 03rd Aug 2020 | Technology
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My PC had 8GB RAM (single rank) and I have bought another 8GB (dual rank). I've put it in and the computer knows its there (as it shows up on 'System' and on CPUID CPU-Z), but on the 'sysytem' page it says "Installed memory (RAM) 16GB (6.76GB usable)", so for some reason its not making the new 8GB usable. Any ideas what I've not done or done wrong?


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Are you sure you have fully seated the new ram .. try removing it and re-seat it, pressing it down firmly !
What Motherboard?
If its 2 sticks you've fitted have you put them in the correct slots? Either 1 and 3 or 2 and 4.
See if this helps. (Click on the title at the top of the frame to get the video to open in a fresh Youtube page. That will make it easier to see than watching it here):

Firstly can the motherboard processor handle the increase? Secondly is the new card compatible with the current system?(most reputable sellers can tell you) and your system can tell you what hardware you currently have installed. Lastly the big failure. Did you clean up the vacant socket with a vacuum and dry paintbrush and is the retaining clip engaged on the card retaining groove indicating that you have it plugged in properly? .
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Don’t know what’s happened now! Did the steps in Chris’ video and on trying to restart it says it can’t! Trying all sorts of options to try and get it going again. Currently says it’s ‘attempting repairs’!
Leave Windows attempting to repair itself for a while.

If it can't, boot into Safe Mode and try reversing the change you made before.

If that doesn't work, get into Safe Mode again, select Troubleshoot > Reset My PC > Keep My Files. Select your user account and, if needed, enter your password. Click Reset.

Did you actually check whether your motherboard can support the additional RAM before installing it?
You haven't said which operating system you are using. It could be that yours won't utilise the added RAM.
Find your Operating System in this list and see how much RAM is addressable:

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Motherboard has got 2 slots, but I don’t know how much ram it supports.
Using windows 10.
There are 10 flavours of Window 10 - which one is yours?
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Can’t get into safe just keeps saying preparing automatic repair! Think it’s off to the pc man tomorrow. Thanks for trying
Read the comments for that video.
A lot of bad experiences.
There's nothing in that video which conflicts with the advice on memory management on Microsoft's own website. I suspect that the problem is really related to a motherboard which can't handle that much RAM.

Whether it is or not though, it might be worth removing the additional RAM (to see if Windows will then load) before taking the computer to a repair shop. If Windows does load, then the maximum memory setting can be returned to a lower level.

If you can get Windows working normally, download and run Belarc Advisor in order to obtain a complete profile of the PC:
Then, when know exactly which type of motherboard it's got, google to find out the maximum RAM it can handle. (16GB is quite a lot. I've recently upgraded the RAM on my netbook from 1GB to 2GB and on my laptop from 2GB to 4GB. In both cases that's the maximum that the machines can work with).

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