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Giggsie | 16:38 Sun 16th Sep 2018 | Technology
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After having worked out my other problems about scans thanks to all who helped. I am now trying to connect my printer wirelessly to my new laptop. It is always coming up as failed it has however connected with eprint. But I cannot get it to install all the software as is on my other laptop so I can scan and print from my laptop.It is an envy 5530 printer and windows 10 laptop Anyone help me?


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To install the basic drivers for your printer onto a laptop, download and run this file:

To install the other software associated with your printer (which isn't actually required for basic printing), download and run this file:

To connect your printer to your router (from where, in turn, it can connect to your laptop), press the Wireless button on your printer and hold it in until the light starts flashing. Then, within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your router. (That, of course, assumes that your router has got a WPS button; most have nowadays. It also assumes that you're not trying to use 'wireless direct', which bypasses your router but can add unnecessary complications. If either of those doesn't apply, please post again).
On Windows 7 (Windows 10 may be slightly different) I just:

Select "Devices and Printers" from the Windows menu

Select "Add a printer" from the resultant window.

Select "Network, Wireless Printer"

When offered a list of printers select the make and model of yours.

This will download and install the drivers from the internet.

Once Windows has download basic drivers within minutes it may then download the full suite of software that gives you scan etc (this is what my Epson does)

I don't have to download any software "in advance" to do this, Windows just finds the drivers, I guess from it own database of drivers..
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buenchico I have already got smart app on but can't print from there. It shows smart app symbol and printer on screen but I cannot get it set up like my other laptop so that I can scan print etc from computer. My other one has a list of what I can do on the software under HP in programs. If I scan from printer I can get it on new laptop but cannot get it other way round. Think I am confusing myself here. Where it says connect wirelessly choose printer to connect envy 5530 then it says failed.
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guilbert53 sorry your reply was not there when I started typing. Thankyou for replying. When I select printer it says connecting then comes up failed
If you can scan but can't print then your printer is connected to your computer but the printer driver isn't installed. (The scanner uses a different driver). Uninstall and reinstall.
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I give up I got as far as add printer it said was added as printed test page. I then went on to add software and download drivers it said which seemed to be downloading but then came up with smartscreen cannot be accessed right now in windows defender to give permission to run please check internet.
Download the drivers from my first link above. If you're offered the choice of 'Run' or 'Save' select 'Save'. Then go to the folder you've saved the file to and run it from there (by double-clicking on it).
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All done now I had to disable windows defender smart screen worked then thanks for all your help. Still strange did not have to do all this on other laptop it was straight forward.
It is very important to install the printer in a perfect way, for that, it is very important to go with a proper suggestion for internal proper connection of the printer with the proper setup process, and then check all the properties of the settings of the printer and started to printing.
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