loss of broadband after installing printer

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dyli795 | 23:43 Sun 13th Mar 2005 | Technology
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after installing my printer i noticed loss of broadband internet conection. uninstalling and a system restore made things o.k. again. a week later, i tryed to install a printer scanner the same thing happened but this time the net stayed gone!   after gathering some advice, i installed an ethernet card and i got re-connected o.k. but i'm scared of attempting to install anything after previous disasters!  Any suggestions please ?


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Was the printer/scanner connected with USB ?

Were you using your Broadband connection on USB before switching to Ethernet ?

Best way to go with Broadband is Ethernet if your modem allows it. I'm thinking you may have had some sort of USB contention problem here. Are the USB ports version 1.1 or 2.0, on a card or built-in to the motherboard or were you using a USB hub ? Version of Windows ?

Sorry, lots of questions, but lots of possible reasons for the problem.

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loss of broadband after installing printer

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