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Security Cameras

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bainbrig | 13:46 Thu 23rd Nov 2017 | Technology
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No problem finding decent cameras; my question is about how to connect/record from them.

I need cameras that are movement-activated - probably three or four of them to cover my place.

They can be connected to the internet via my wifi router, but we haven't got (and have no intention of getting) iPhones. We have iPads, and computers.

Is there a camera system that turns itself on when it detects movement, and simultaneously starts recording to some sort of 'cloud' location, so that later you can go to the cloud site and view your recordings? Alternatively, how about a camera that records continuously for, say, 5 hours, from the point you leave your home to the point you come back?

Any pointers welcomed.



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In terms of cctv cameras being motion activated, it is not the cameras that achieve this function of the system – but the recording software. The software allows you to select squares from an overlay grid on the screen; when movement appears in any of the selected grid squares, the system retains the recording on the hard drive. Most cctv software allows you to select the recording time (period) once motion has been detected, and the recording time prior to detecting the motion.

The system is not clairvoyant in that it knows when motion is about to be detected, it works by continuously recording, but only saving the recorded material for say 5 minutes before and after the motion detection.

Motion detection is most useful in indoor settings, if used on outdoor cameras random movement due to wind, animal activity etc could activate the recording.

I have a four camera system on my property, there is no need to use motion detection because of limited hard drive memory. A 1TB hard drive can comfortably retain more than a months worth of a 4 camera system.

The advantage of a wireless system is that the cameras do not need to be wired to the control unit, but they will still need to be connected to a low voltage power source (typically 12Vdc).

My other advice in relation to installation of a home security cctv system is that the hard drive on which the images are recorded needs to be in a location that a burglar is very unlike to locate/access – otherwise it will be gone along with your valuables.
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Thanks Hymie, that's useful.

As I said originally I want to be able to record to the 'cloud', not to a hard-drive sitting on my shelf. Which? recommends three cameras, all of which do record to cloud:
Netgear Arlo G, Samsung SmartCam, and Nest Cam.
They all see to fit the bill, except for the fact that they all seem to be iPhone-oriented.
And again, to repeat, I haven't got an iPhone and don't want to get one! The monthly bill would be way over the top, considering that I'd only be using it for this purpose (i.e. security cameras).

So, again, anyone know anything about security cameras that can work JUST from a Mac?


Question Author
Narrowing it down a bit (and answering me own questions), the Samsung is a non-starter; only works off 'smart' phones.
The Netgear Arlo Q seems the one: it is wired, not wireless, mains-powered, so no battery-changing, and can be set up by PC (hopefully this includes Macs - I'll investigate).

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