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Landline Telephones

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rosiew | 08:36 Thu 24th Aug 2017 | Technology
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Morning Answerbankers. My question is, is there a landline phone available that when you answer the phone and its a bloody PPI automated call you can press a button to block this caller. Like on the I Phone this is available. We was thinking of the Sky Shield but our problem is that we have a monitored alarm. I would love a phone that you can select "block this caller". Nice and simple.


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Google this Rosie.

BT 8600 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone with Answer Machine (Twin Handset Pack)
I think its the 8610 now - it works great, only lets through those in your phonebook and you can accept or instantly block any others.
we have one fantastic
We have one and it is excellent.
We have this Panasonic twin set-up, which has been a Which? Best Buy for two or three years...very easy to use and it tells you who's calling with a clear man's voice. User Recommendation
I don't know about individual instruments having such a capability but I know that TalkTalk have such an option automatically included for free in their contracts. It will always be a matter of getting future calls blocked at the exchange and thus the service provider has to be involved.
BT offer 'Call Protect' for free, which does much the same thing without needing a special phone -

Plusnet and TalkTalk have similar services - don't know about other providers.
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Thanks everyone for your advice. We have an ADT Security alarm so Im going to have to check with them first to see if the BT 8610 would be ok
Outgoing calls are not affected byt the BT phone or Sky Shield.

We have the original BT8500 phone. You store allowed numbers - and if you have them blocked numbers.

When a call comes in from a number you haven't stored or a withheld number, the caller is asked to identify themselves then push #

Your phone then rings, you hear the caller say "Joe Bloggs from ABC"

If you know them then you press 1 to accept the call. You could alternatively press another key to add them to the blocked list.

If its a genuine call, likely to call you again, you can save the number - they'll then get through straight away next time.

There's other settings for international numbers.

The Sky Shield works the same way - except you can add good/bad numbers via your Sky account - then you can also add numbers when they call.

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Landline Telephones

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