Voip Telephones As A Landline - Make, Model Etc??????

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WJL1952 | 18:46 Tue 03rd Dec 2019 | Technology
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We have changed to Vodafone for both mobiles and landline. However, landline is now VOIP and we are having great difficulty in finding VOIP handsets for the landline. Can anyone give any ideas of make, model etc. Do they have to be plugged into a Router or Booster or can they just be plugged into the wall. Our previous phones were just plugged into the wall. Sorry but I am a NUMSKULL on these things. Thanks for reading


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Not with Vodafone, but would a normal phone just plug in to the router?

We use VOIP at work, my understanding is they use the internet so have nothing to do with BT/Openreach standard wall phone sockets. You can get the phones from various websites including Amazon although I'm surprised vodafone haven't advised you on this?

The system is fine until your internet breaks and then you can't call anybody to tell them :-)
Use your landline phone with a VoIP adapter.....details here.....
.... and you just need to keep your mobile charged for that hopefully rare emergency use when the internet goes down.
"I am a NUMBSKULL on these things"

I've never understood why people say things like that!

Not being versed in a particular subject does not make you a numbskull!
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Voip Telephones As A Landline - Make, Model Etc??????

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