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jennyjoan | 21:32 Sat 10th Jun 2017 | Technology
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I have outlook email and I want to delete a contact for good.

I have deleted said contact' folders - just deleted here and there but the name and some old posts crop up when I enter first two letters of contact

Is there anyway I can make sure that contact is deleted forever.


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It probably comes back up when you type in first two letters as you've not cleared your browsing history, so when you go into emails, your email site 'remembers' you typing them letters in past - just a thought
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thanks Duck - I deleted Browsing History but it is still coming up
Awe, I don't know what it can be then Jennyjoan, I hope someone can help you,just keeping you bumped up on latest posts
If it's Microsoft Outlook then when you type the first couple of letters in the address line and the contact comes up in a box there should be a cross shape at the end of the line. Click that and the name shouldn't come up again.
I've just checked my own web-based email service (GMX). There's a contact I deleted yesterday but as soon as I type the first few letters of her name I'm offered her email address (in the same way that you seem to be). That can only be because there are still emails to/from her in my Inbox and Sent folder.

So, based upon that, I reckon that you need to delete all emails to and from the relevant contact in order for their email address to be no longer offered to you.
Go to inbox.
Left click on the little 2 person icon bottom left.
When the contact list is displayed, hover cursor over the contact you want to delete and tick the little box next to it on the left.
Choose delete in the task bar on the email page.
When you now tab back using the arrow pointing left again top left the contact will be out of your contacts list. However they can still email you and it appears in Junk Mail.
To stop them emailing you. Without opening an email, tick the box next to the notification of email by again hovering over the line, and choose block in the top task or action bar and confirm when asked to.
If the name of the contact appears when composing a new e-mail it will usually be highlighted in blue. Simply press the delete key to remove it. If a list of names appear then use the "down" arrow to highlight the one you do not want and then press "delete" - that should remove it.
Ohh and Jen if you ever change your mind, you just enter it back into your contact list and it will come through as normal. :))
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Thanks everybody for your help. Whoever suggested such a tiny thing to do done the trick ie - typed the first two letters of the contact and clicked on the X/cross - that seems to have done the trick. Ta again

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Deleting A Contact

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